5 Ways to Work Through Writer’s Block

write-800pxStaring at a blank screen or page can evoke a similar response from me, unproductivity. What is the cure for lack of inspiration? For me  it can be different things on different days. Here are a few suggestions to help you work around writer’s block when it strikes.

1. Walk if off

Often times my best ideas come to me when I’m not sitting down to write. Take the dog for walk, go for a run, or hit the gym. The benefits are twofold.

2. Talk it out

Two heads are better than one! If you are a part of a critique group, you can put your creative minds to work and overcome the obstacle. A spouse or trusted friend can provide the same support.

3. Read! Read! Read! 

Take a trip to your favorite bookstore or library and fall into a good book or check out a book on the craft of writing. Browse the web and visit other writing blogs. Hit up the newsstand for something unrelated.

4. Write something else

If you like to journal or keep a diary, write a new entry.  Visit a website for a daily writing prompt. Write the same scene in a different point of view.

5. Change the scenery

Bring your laptop along to a coffee shop, park, or your back porch. Sometimes, seeing new sights, smelling new smells, or tuning your ear to new sounds can help to jump start creativity.

What about you? How do you overcome writer’s block?

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