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Children’s Literature Throwback

IMG_2902It’s been several years since I enjoyed children’s literature as a child. But, no matter how much time passes, I remember the excitement of reading a beloved story from way back in the day.

The first picture book I made my parents read to me night after night was THE MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK. I don’t know if it was Grover, a favorite character from Sesame Street, that captured me. Or if it was the plot of Grover begging the audience not to read one more page because of the monster at the end. SPOILER ALERT: Little did Grover know, that he was the monster at the end of the book.

If Grover epitomized my early years, HATCHET embodied my reading during middle school. It was Brian Robeson’s survival story that hooked me. I felt like I was watching a movie, a thriller, and I had to know how it ended. I hadn’t read anything like it up to that point. It was my crossover from sweet and fun books to daring middle grade.

My tastes continued to evolve over the years. While I grew up listening to and reading Judy Blume books, I discovered one of my favorites, FOREVER, in high school. The book and Judy spoke to me about love, the love of your life, and break ups. Something, I didn’t have much knowledge about but was anxious to experience.  In a way, reading these stories helped me comprehend things that weren’t in my world.

While I enjoyed these books when I was young, they have stuck with me and I think of them fondly, like a good friend. What about you? What book memories do carry with you from back in the day?

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